Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Port Stephens, Australia, lies the iconic Tomaree Head Summit Walk, a must-do adventure for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Offering unparalleled panoramic vistas of Port Stephens, Nelson Bay, and beyond, this hike is renowned for its stunning coastal scenery and the potential to encounter marine life such as dolphins and whales during migration seasons.

Unveiling the Trail

The Tomaree Head Summit Walk presents an enticing opportunity to embark on a journey through rugged bushland and coastal terrain, culminating in a rewarding summit experience. The trail begins at the Tomaree Head car park, conveniently located near Nelson Bay, offering easy access for visitors.

Ascending to the Summit

As you set out on the trail, you’ll find yourself immersed in the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. The well-marked path gradually ascends through native vegetation, providing glimpses of the sparkling waters of Port Stephens along the way. The sound of birdsong fills the air, adding to the sense of tranquility as you ascend higher towards the summit.

A Panoramic Vista

Upon reaching the summit of Tomaree Head, a breathtaking panorama unfolds before your eyes. Stretching as far as the eye can see, the azure waters of Port Stephens contrast against the rugged coastline, dotted with secluded beaches and pristine bays. Nelson Bay emerges as a vibrant hub below, while the distant horizon merges with the endless expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

Wildlife Encounters

One of the highlights of the Tomaree Head Summit Walk is the opportunity to encounter marine life in their natural habitat. From the vantage point of the summit, keen-eyed visitors may be rewarded with sightings of dolphins frolicking in the waves or majestic whales breaching offshore during their annual migration. The awe-inspiring sight of these magnificent creatures adds an extra layer of magic to the experience.

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Tips for Hikers

  • Pack Essentials: Ensure you’re prepared for the hike with sturdy footwear, plenty of water, sun protection, and snacks to keep energy levels up.
  • Timing: Consider timing your hike to coincide with sunrise or sunset for an unforgettable vista.
  • Binoculars: Bring along binoculars to enhance your chances of spotting dolphins or whales from the summit.
  • Respect Nature: Remember to tread lightly, stay on designated trails, and leave no trace to preserve the natural beauty of the area.


In conclusion, the Tomaree Head Summit Walk stands as a testament to the unparalleled beauty of Port Stephens’ coastal landscapes. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker seeking adventure or a nature enthusiast in search of serenity, this iconic trail offers a gateway to unforgettable experiences. From the awe-inspiring views at the summit to the possibility of encountering marine life, every step of the journey is imbued with wonder and discovery. So lace up your hiking boots, venture forth, and let the beauty of Tomaree Head captivate your senses as you embark on an unforgettable adventure in the heart of nature.


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